UB40 FT Ali Campbell

With Ali part of a ten-piece touring band, UB40 are now ready to add tracks from Unprecedentedto a formidable live set that contains material spanning over four decades. As well as favourites such as ‘Red Red Wine’, they have reintroduced some older tracks that have taken on a renewed significance. Among these are 1979’s ‘King’, […]

Kula Shaker

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The Boomtown Rats

After storming of the Isle of Wight Festival stage on their regrouping an exhilarated Bob Geldof said “It’s weird. I’d forgotten how powerful a band The Rats are!” Others hadn’t. What was only meant to be a brief moment of reuniting it turned into triumphant sell out tours, a block-booked season’s, new albums and major documentaries.  Beyond […]


Biog Coming Soon

Go West

Peter Cox met Richard Drummie in 1974 and played him a demo tape. Richard liked what he heard and so began their continuing friendship and collaboration. In 1982 they signed a publishing deal as songwriters ‘Cox and Drummie’. They approached several record companies without success, but with the help of manager John Glover they secured […]

Nik Kershaw

Nik Kershaw was born in Bristol in 1958. His formative years were spent in Ipswich where he discovered his love for music. In 1978, after three years working as a civil servant, he turned professional, serving his apprenticeship playing guitar in jazz fusion and functions bands. He signed with MCA Records in 1983 and released […]

Jason Donovan

Jason Sean Donovan was born into a show business family in Melbourne Australia on 1 June1968. His good looks and talent made him a naturalon Australian TV. His first appearances ontelevision there includedas ‘I Can Jump Puddles’, ‘Skyways’and ‘Gold Pennies’. His big break came withthe role of Scott Robinson in the primetime soap ‘Neighbours’which turned […]

Musical Youth

“This Generation Rules the Nation”   The year was 1982 and with these triumphant words, five school kids from Birmingham named Dennis, Michael, Kelvin, Patrick and Junior launched themselves on an unsuspecting public and into pop and reggae history as ‘Pass the Dutchie’ surged to number 1, for 3 weeks, in the UK within two […]